Thrive with Me in 2019


It’s the new year and Instagram is bursting with New Year’s resolutions and allll the goals. I love the New Year because I see it as an opportunity to evaluate the upcoming year and make sure I’m setting myself up for success in reaching my goals. I’m a type 3 Enneagram (take the test here!), so I’m all about setting and accomplishing goals - to the extent that it’s a little embarrassing - I just can’t sit still! But I firmly believe you should take every opportunity to evaluate your goals throughout the year - whether its the first of the month, first day of the week, or 10pm on a random weeknight. New Year’s resolutions mean nothing if you’re not committed to thinking, planning, and working towards your goals every other month of the year.

I’ve been thinking about a word to focus on in 2019, to give my goals direction. Other words I’ve seen so far include “Simplify & Declutter,” “Contentment,” “Forward,” and “Balance,” all of which are amazing. But the word I keep thinking about and coming back to is the word “thrive.” I don’t just want to survive, I want to thrive. So much of 2018 was about survival, and I don’t blame myself for that! As a new mom, figuring out motherhood, with a huge move across the state thrown in, it’s no wonder I found myself overwhelmed and barely making it through the day - not to mention those crazy postpartum hormones! But I made it and I finished out the year strong, praise Jesus.

As I’ve observed this past season of survival, I realized that thriving is a choice. It doesn’t just happen. The choices I make every day, every moment, will encourage me to thrive or not to thrive.

  • Eating super clean and healthy helps me thrive.

  • Taking care of myself helps me thrive.

  • Drinking enough water helps me thrive.

  • Making sure I shower helps me thrive.

  • Taking fifteen minutes to do my hair and makeup helps me thrive.

  • Taking some “me” time each day helps me thrive.

  • Reading helps me thrive.

These are all things that I have to make the time for. They used happen more easily before Jo was born but now that she can easily take up all my time, I have to make a point to take care of myself. This revelation alone has helped me thrive.

While life is challenging and incredibly difficult at times, there is so much joy to be found in the every day. I invite you to join me on this journey to thrive. Some days might look like a messy bun, yesterday’s makeup, and pajama’s all day, but every day doesn’t have to look like this. Make the choice to schedule time for yourself - it’s not as hard as it might seem.

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-xoxo, Maegan