Jo's First 4th of July


This year, we planned a low key 4th of July. It's difficult to plan a party or attend anything with a baby, so we planned our own little family day. Andrew had the day off the first time in years, so we slept in, had breakfast, and Jo went down for her first nap. During her nap, we did a few chores around the house and I got ready. After she woke up and ate, we had a fun little photoshoot outside with our new flag.



Then we headed "down the hill" to Rocklin and ate lunch at the tasty Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ Restaurant. It was absolutely delicious and the perfect all-american lunch! Jo was an amazing baby and was content in her stroller at first, then on Mommy's lap.



Since we had already made the drive down, we did a little grocery shopping and came home. After we put Jo to bed, I made gluten-free brownies and we watched the 2018 Capitol 4th on Youtube.

Our day was hardly anything to write about and would be considered boring by a lot of people. No party, no friends, no firework show. But getting a little dressed up and hanging out with my little family was just so perfect. It really brought me back to the simple things in life, which was exactly what I needed. It's so easy to take all the little things, that add up to the big things, for granted and to always be striving for more busyness and more entertainment. I'll always treasure the memories we made together on Jo's first 4th of July and I can't wait for all the future holidays as a family of three (and Lord willing, a future family of 4 or 5!). 

This 4th of July was also special to us because it marked the four year anniversary of Andrew's battle with sepsis, brought on from a flu-like virus that the doctors were never ever able to completely figure out, and he was in a medically induced coma over the 4th of July, 2014. We weren't together yet but we liked each other and I had no idea how close to death he was that day. The Lord miraculously preserved his life and watching our daughter take in her first 4th of July made the Lord's goodness all the more real. To us, the 4th of July will always be a celebration of freedom and life. 

~xo, Maegan