Our Favorite Baby Toys {nb-6mo}


Today I'm going to share our favorite toys from newborn all the way up to six months old! I am such a strong believer in independent play and discovery of the world through toys! In a world filled with technology, too many children are becoming so addicted to the screen. I believe this obsession is going to have a very negative impact on this next generation's fine motor skills, ability to read and speak, and the way they view the world. So, to fight that, I've been teaching Jo from a very young age to entertain herself and we've been limiting her screen time to almost nothing. She has been able to watch a cartoon from start to finish since she was about two months old, so I know she's just like her mommy in her love of technology and TV! We look forward to showing her all the Disney movies when she's a little older and she will watch an occasional cartoon or glimpse some Insta stories, but that's it for now! I would imagine she might watch more TV as entertainment when the next baby comes, but I'm going to cross that bridge when I get to it!

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When babies are 0-3 months old, they really shouldn't be awake for more than an hour at a time. I found this to be just enough time to change the diaper, feed, change the diaper, and be placed back down for the next nap! Around 3 months, we started introducing toys.


1) Skip and Hop Activity Gym

When Jo was about three or so months old and her wake times started getting a little longer, we got her this woodland activity gym! This was, by far, my favorite toy for her until she started rolling. At first, she just stared at the little animals - then I remember the day I saw her reach up and touch one of the toys! That was such an exciting day! Now that she's outgrown the gym, (the poles got in the way of her rolling around), I've removed the toys and added them to her ever growing pile!


2) Teethers

One minute, you have a newborn - the next, you had a baby who wants to put everything in its mouth! Even though she doesn't have any teeth yet, Jo loves having something to chew on, both at the house and while we're out and about! We love this cactus one from Target - it's so easy to hold onto. We also have the hand and the foot and the keys! The keys were harder for her to manipulate at first but by five or six months, she could handle them pretty well! I still want to get this butterfly one - my friend loved it for her little one and it's especially great for younger babies who need something easy to hold onto. 

3) The Seahorse Symphony

Babies love to look at lights and this was one of my top favorite toys for Jo. Her grandparents got it for her and it seriously carried us through our Yosemite trip. We literally played it to death - it stopped playing the music one day and refused to work, even after we replaced the batteries and hit it multiple times. My husband replaced it with this adorable book, which was more age appropriate for her at the time, but I'll always remember the Seahorse Symphony with much fondness.


4) Infantino Sensory Ball

If I had first seen this toy in the store, I wouldn't have been inclined to buy it. But fortunately, I saw it at a friend's house and it happened to be her daughter's favorite toy at the time! I purchased it with my last Toys R Us giftcard and Jo absolutely loved it! It's such a fantastic toy because it spans so many months - she could play with it when she was four months and she'll be able to play with it when she's two years old!


5) Fisher Price Kick n Play Piano

Both my husband and I are musicians, so her grandparents bought her this adorable little toy shortly after Jo was born! Jo has absolutely adored this toy - she uses her hands, feet, and body to play it, and my husband and I have had fun trying to pick out tunes on it! I love that it's also one of those toys that will continue to interest her for years! It's meant to be attached to the crib, but since I don't ever place any toys in her pack 'n play for safety purposes, we just leave it on the ground with her other toys and it works wonderfully as a floor toy!

~xo, Maegan