Fun in the Sun with Baby: Summer Tips


It's officially summer and everyone's going on vacations or daycations! We already went on our main vacation: camping for four days in Yosemite National Park! It was so challenging, yet so amazing with a six month old! This past Sunday, we visited Nevada City, a quaint mining town here in Northern California with a hippie AND hipster vibe, and plan to do a lot more daycations in the near future!

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Here are my tips for protecting your baby from the sun while exploring and enjoying the outdoors!

1) Shade

First of all, you're going to want shade for your baby, wherever you are! Babies under six months should be kept out of the sun completely, and even after six months, you're going to want to be very careful! Your baby's skin is extremely delicate and the last thing you want is for your baby to suffer a sunburn. Here's some options to make sure your baby is kept in the shade all the time!

  • A good stroller - we love this one: Chicco Bravo Stroller! It has great shade coverage, especially for infants! I always carry about a light blanket like this to block sun in the car or for coverage while breastfeeding, so I may end up using it to cover Jo when she's in the big girl stroller set-up!

  • A playyard + beach umbrella. Jo is getting to be very mobile, so if we start going places like the beach, a lake or a park, I'll be investing in one of these playyards asap! We already own an umbrella very similar to this one that we picked up at Walmart.

2) Sunscreen

We love, love, love Babyganics sunscreen! It's 50 SPF and protected Jo's delicate skin so well on our Yosemite trip! I'll definitely be carrying a little bottle of this around wherever we go, for our spontaneous adventures! Be sure to apply about half an hour in advance!

3) Hydration

Be sure to maintain your normal feeding schedule while adventuring, and even offer your breastmilk or formula more often if you're out in the heat. Just like we need more water when we're out in the sun, your baby may need extra milk to hydrate as well, especially because they're so little and don't have the reserves we do! Never, ever leave a baby in a parked car, even for a minute! I always get Jo out of the car just as soon as I have her stroller base set up and I try to keep one car door open while doing so.

4) Bugspray

If you're out adventuring, you do NOT want to deal with bug bites! We saw so very many mesquitos while in Yosemite, yet Jo did not get one bug bite while wearing Babyganics bug spray! I also wore it, since I didn't want Jo to get anything with Deet on her hands, and I never got a bug bite where I sprayed it!

5) Sun Hat

We borrowed a baby backpack for hiking but since it didn't have a shade on it, I knew Jo would need a hat. I had several hand-me-downs but, of course, forgot to pack them. My mother-in-law was kind enough to pick up this cute sun hat before she joined us and it was so perfect! It protected Jo's head and face from the sun so well AND looked adorable. I didn't realize how important the little chin strap was - it kept the hat on whenever there was a breeze and made it harder for her to pull off.

6) A baby swimsuit

Jo loves water and I'm hoping I get the chance to let her experience the ocean later this summer, while holding onto her for dear life! I really love this swimsuit and matching hat her aunt and uncle gave her! The suit is 50 UPF, has extra protection for her upper body, and is so accessible for diaper changes.  Plus it's Baby Minnie Mouse, which is so satisfying to our {slight} Disney obsession! 


Here's to the best summer yet! Enjoy, my friends! 

~xo, Maegan


Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, so be sure to do your own research about how to best protect your baby from the sun and heat.