Jo's First Capsule Wardrobe {a short guide}

Capsule wardrobes have fascinated me for a long time but I’ve always had an emotional attachment to my clothing, and the thought of paring down and replacing my pieces was just too overwhelming. But there’s nothing like being twenty different sizes in one year (i.e. being pregnant!) to break down those attachments and I’m slowly developing my own capsule wardrobe as I lose the baby weight. But what has been even more fun is creating one for my little girl! We were incredibly blessed with many clothing gifts and hand-me-downs, so this next size (12 months old) is the first time I’ve bought her main outfits, other than maybe a few onesies, sleepers, or shorts.

The key to a capsule wardrobe is to have a similar or neutral color scheme, so it’s easy to mix, match, and create multiple outfits. For my own capsule wardrobe, I plan on my base pieces being black, white, navy blue, and stripes while adding in various colors for the different seasons - an orange cardigan in the fall or green in the winter, etc. For Jo’s 12 month wardrobe, I couldn’t help but go with red! She’s my Christmas baby and I just fell in love with these onesies from Carter’s!


I seriously can’t even handle how cute these are and love that they’re red enough to be Christmasy but not too Christmasy that they’ll look weird after the holiday is over. Jo is on the petite side, so she’ll probably wear these until she’s 14 months or so (size 12 months in Carter’s sizing is actually the same as 9-12 months in other companies’ sizing). I got them on sale at Kohl’s - you can find them here!

I wanted to find black, navy blue, and possibly grey leggings but settled with black, pink, and grey ones instead. These pink and grey leggings are Carter’s from Kohl’s as well! I opted for the 18 month old size since leggings are easy to cuff and she can get 2-3 times as much wear out of them.


I was particularly proud of this find at J.C. Penny’s. I ran in the store to check specifically for leggings because I got a $10 off $10 or more coupon in the mail. They had leggings on sale for $5.99, so I got an 18 mo black pair for now and a 24 mo pair of jean leggings for later! After the sales price + tax + the coupon, they were $1.06 each, originally around $8.00. My Dave Ramsey heart was nerding out about it!


We were also gifted two onesie sets, a navy blue one with floral pants and a grey Scottish terrier one with, how perfect, red pants! I also had bought her an 18 mo set from Costco, where we got the jeans leggings pictured below.

The main wardrobe:


I’ve decided to go with six onesies for now. It worked perfectly with the sets that I got and I prefer to have less clothing and to actually do laundry more often. Jo is also getting to the age where she rarely leaks out her diaper and gets most of her food into her mouth, so I could easily reuse an outfit several times.

Here’s the options we have with this capsule wardrobe:

You can find this onesie  here .

You can find this onesie here.

You can find this onesie  here .

You can find this onesie here.

At the moment, Jo still fits into some of her 9 mo outfits, so I’m milking those as long as I can! I also have several short sleeved onesies and other layers (sweatshirts, a hooded vest, etc) to use for cold days. She has one jacket and one coat. She has many socks, which keep getting lost, so the more the better! I’ll also be buying her a pair of Robeez shoes within the next couple of weeks - I’ll share a review when I do! She also has about five or six nice outfits she was gifted, for church and other special events. We were using Cloud Island size 6-9 mo sleepers (they run large!) but are transitioning her to a shirt/pants style pajama, since I’m honestly scared to try any other sleepers! Carter’s 12 mo sleepers were crazy tight and uncomfortable, so much so that Jo kept waking up in the middle of the night multiple times, which was very unlike her. I changed her back to her Cloud Island sleepers and she started sleeping so much better; just recently, she started waking multiple times in the middle of the night again and I think she doesn’t like the footed sleepers anymore. She’s always trying to take her socks off, so I’m starting to get the feeling she likes to be barefoot!

And that’s it! Simple, painless, and definitely won’t break the bank!

-xo, Maegan