A Guide to Baby Clothing Sizes


We were blessed with a multitude of adorable baby clothes for little Jo, both gifts and hand-me-downs. I will be forever thankful that we hardly had to purchase any clothing pieces for the first nine months of her life!

But I was confused about the sizing, since some companies list clothing as a single month (such as 3 months/6 months/9 months/12 months) and others seemed a little more clear (0-3 months/3-6 months/6-9 months/9-12 months). When Jo was about six months old, I sat down and figured it out. Here’s a guide I hope sheds some light on what size clothing you should dress your baby in - I’ve included the most popular clothing brands from Target.


PDF of baby sizing chart

Just as with adult clothing, the sizing varies from company to company, as does each baby, so you may have to experiment a bit to figure out what fits your baby the best!

-xoxo, Maegan