Three Women Who Have Influenced Me {On My Minimalism Journey}


Minimalism has been creeping up on me for a long time. If you were to look around my house, the only real change you would notice is that the piles of clutter in the corners have disappeared and things appear more put together. Honestly, my journey to minimalism has changed my mindset more than my possessions. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of useless things, for sure, but my thinking about my possessions and about my life has changed drastically. Instead of wanting more and more stuff, I long for less and less. I value the space the possessions take up over the possessions themselves. I want efficiency and clarity over saving that “one thing” for that “one day.” I realized that I don’t have the time to take care of all my possessions, so the only thing that makes sense is to downsize. Less is truly more. I long for things that add value and reject the things that don’t. And I know I still have a lot of wrong thinking about my stuff that I need root out. But this summer and fall have definitely given me a good start!

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I wanted to share with you three women who have been influential in this mindset change. The way you think about material things is sooo important and crucial to the way you choose to live your life. If you’re interested in minimizing your life, I would highly encourage you to take a week or two {or fifty-two} and learn from these women.


An Organized Life

I don’t even know how I found Lauren and An Organized Life on Instagram but somehow I started following her and fell in love with her Instagram, especially her stories. Watching her recount her day on her Instagram stories makes me feel so peaceful and gives me hope as a mom that maybe, someday, I can run my house half as efficiently as she does. She gives the best book recommendations and has sooo many amazing cleaning and organizing tips! She really demonstrates how less truly is more and what that looks like lived out in real life. She is a wealth of knowledge about nearly everything I’m interested in improving in my own life and I have so much to learn from her!

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Whitney Leigh Morris/The Tiny Canal Cottage

I found Whitney Leigh Morris randomly on Instagram one day and immediately fell in love with her feed. I didn’t follow her because I was interested in becoming a minimalist - I was just so intrigued by her account and if you visit, you’ll see why! Her pictures are absolutely gorgeous and her content is thoughtful and oh, so helpful. Through watching her, I started to see that a happy, beautiful life is not dependent on how large your house is or how many possessions you own. Actually, you can create a better and more peaceful life in smaller space with fewer possessions and The Tiny Canal Cottage is a living, breathing example of that! Her blog is amazing and holds so many amazing tips about the products she uses, how to live in a small space, and how to reduce waste. She has just come out with her own gorgeous book, Small Space Living, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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Marie Kondo

I came across Marie Kondo’s book about two years ago and was fascinated. I listened to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing on audio and began to get rid of a few things. But my life was incredibly hectic at the time - I was running a small business and teaching 50 students a week and I didn’t get very far in my decluttering before I got pregnant. Something about being pregnant made me unable to part with my belongings, which brought me to a complete standstill.

I love her views on sentimental things and the idea of only keeping things that spark joy - it definitely got me moving in the right direction. Her book and techniques are extreme helpful and I see her philosophies weaving their way through my new mindset. I’m interested in reading her book again, now that I have a different perspective and focus on minimalism, to glean more helpful hints, especially on organizing itself.

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I hope you are inspired and encouraged on your minimalism journey by these women as much as I have been!

-xoxo, Maegan