Let's Get This Done!

Let's Get This Done!

So much has happened since I last truly blogged! My little piano studio grew by about ten students in January alone, one of my little students was forcibly removed from her loving foster home (find out more here), my husband had a huge job change and step up in his career, and I decided to expand my music studio, hire new teachers, and open my own location! I continued to recover from the wedding planning madness and adjust to being a wife. All our cardboard boxes are broken down and our house is finally set up exactly how we want it. We started eating healthier and lighter, by loosely following the Trim Healthy Mama plan (find out more here), and we're both back to our wedding weight. 

I started this blog as an encouragement to women to make their homes a little piece of heaven on earth. I think I needed this {unintentional} three month sabbatical to learn how to do that in my own life. And I still have a long way to go and a lot more to learn. In the past couple weeks I've gained a clearer vision for the direction of That Place We Call Home. I want to inspire women, married or single, to be better than the expected norm. To rise above and live life excellently. To fight laziness and procrastination and to accomplish goals and get things done. To be content but never complacent. To never be afraid of the hard work it will take to accomplish goals. To bravely and strongly face the future with joy (Proverbs 31). 

Sit down and make a list of your goals. Maybe you want to lose those stubborn ten pounds. Maybe you want to lose a hundred. Maybe your budget is out of control and you need to pay off some hefty credit card debt. Or maybe you're being crushed by student loans. Maybe you want a new car. Or a car that actually starts every morning. To start a travel blog. Or an Etsy store. To start a hobby, go to college, or just get better at the piano. Or maybe you just really want to go to the Disney Aulani Resort and Spa in Oahu, Hawaii, and hang out in their incredible hydrotherapy garden (okay, sorry, that's completely a personal one).

I've created a worksheet that I hope will help with this process! I believe so many people never accomplish their goals because they either don't know how to execute them or they give up because it took more time than they thought or was harder than they thought. I hope this worksheet helps put feet on your dreams. 

---> Download the pdf here

1) List your goal first. Example: lose ten pounds.

2) List what you need to do: work out, eat healthier, and drink more water.

3) List one or two things on each day that will help you accomplish that goal. Stop drinking soda starting Sunday. Work out Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Have a smoothie for breakfast on Tuesday and Thursday. Meal plan on Saturday. Drink plenty of water every day.

Set realistic small tasks, maximum three for each day. If you try to accomplish too many small tasks and fail to get through your to-do list, it becomes that much easier to give up on the big goal altogether. At least, that's what happens to me! It's a process... Rome wasn't built in a day, as they say. Try to enjoy the process! You are becoming a stronger person for accomplishing whatever goal you've set out to do and that is amazing! I've also included a weekly chart, to use for meal planning or other scheduling in general.



{This chart is only for personal use and belongs to That Place We Call Home. Please do not distribute for personal monetary gain but please pass on to your friends for free!}

America is coming to an end....or is it?

America is coming to an end....or is it?